South Western Boxer Club
Championship Show – 8th November 2008
Dog Judge: Mr Frank Kane
Bitch Judge:
Mr Arthur Fry ( Australia)
Veteran Dog

- Ch Sugarwood Slave To Love

Veteran Bitch

- Jobaran Almost Amber
2nd - Casemates Roxy Music
3rd - Ruption Blue Lagoon
Res - Willrait Bobbysox

Minor Puppy Dog

- Stanryk Day Dreamer At Surfstone
2nd - Norwatch Sunhawk Main Issue
3rd - Rameleon On Reflection
Res - Winuwuk The Maverick
VHC - Lymplesham Lord Of The Dance

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st -
Stanryk River Of Dreams
2nd - Huntthorn Destiny's Dream At Waiheke
3rd - Winuwuk Notes On A Scandal
Res - Rameleon No Recollection
VHC - Sunhawk Norwatch Ah Tishoo


Puppy Dog

1st - Berwynfa Look You At Westermoor
2nd - Sandcliffe Kiss Of Life For Jimbren
3rd - Zenmaxkay Titus
Res - Laurmatt Diamond Geezer
VHC - Olleyville Bobby Frizel

Puppy Bitch

1st - Glenauld Tommy Girl
2nd - Cascorike Osoposh
3rd - Haygina Tutti Frutti
Res - Dibrid Glitz 'N' Glamour
VHC - Shakatan Centrefold


Junior Dog

1st - Star Attraction At Glenauld
2nd - Kaotik Smokey Topaz
3rd - Tonantron Honky Tonk Blues
Res - Sugarwood Mystik Force
VHC - Norwatch Sunhawk Spotlight At Dibrid

Junior Bitch

1st - Koppernox Princess
2nd - Rebkai Tale Of Love For Winuwuk
3rd - Sugarwood Mystik Flame
Res - Tonantron Scarlet
VHC - Sebriville Ardbeg Angel


Yearling Dog

1st - Newlaithe On Target
2nd - Lichdel Uncle Silas To Winuwuk
3rd - Yeteb Law N Order
Res - Jimbren Drunk 'N' Dribblin ugarwood Mystik Force
VHC - Bartlans Badger Wood

Yearling Bitch

1st - Miofrey Telling Tails
2nd - Ch Mananin Analyse That
3rd - Walkon Tantrums'n Tiaras At Bonobo
Res - Sandexe Solo Flyer
VHC - Tonantron Nellie Purnelly


Novice Dog

1st- The Fonejacker At Surfstone
2nd - Tell Tale At Jeddhi
3rd - Kathphiler Firecracker
Res - Bonans Wallace Woofer

Novice Bitch

1st - Casemates Witch Trick
2nd - Walkon Bunny Hugger
3rd - My Only Vice At Sugarwood
Res - Gypendale Grace 'N' Favour At Blixen
VHC - Alexval Fairy Tail


Debutant Dog

1st - Boxania Summer Lightning At Surfstone
2nd - Casemates Bett U Can
3rd - Burboline Valentino
VHC - Marcurt Look Of Lust

Debutant Bitch

1st - Berwynfa Sex Kitten For Caljan
2nd - Knightcott Precious Dymond At Lymplesham
3rd - Sebriville Ardbeg Angel
Res - Craigdon Lady Casandra
VHC - Robinsteck Miss Potter


Graduate Dog

1st - More Mahem For Mylicam
2nd - Stanryk Dream Ryder
3rd - Tudora Glad All Over
Res - Magical Tricks From Newlaithe
VHC - Shaw Bett For Susancar

Graduate Bitch

1st - Bartlans Eva Green To Mananin
2nd - Faerdorn Dusted Over Tartarian
3rd - Wagglejacks Red-Lady For Boxyjen
Res - Merjeric Make A Wish
VHC - Baibea Stare If Ya One 'T' At Surfstone


Post Graduate Dog

1st - Glenauld Tristam
2nd - Redmol Telegram Sam
3rd - Misstricks Love Affair
Res - Swiftwood Johney Jumpup
VHC - Manolta Skywalker

Post Graduate Bitch

1st - Berwynfa Bom Chickah Wah Wah For Boxyjen
2nd - Manic Game Show
3rd - Clarkenwell Vogue Trader
Res - Winuwuk Dress To Impress
VHC - Susancar Anita Outfit


Limit Dog

1st - Berwynfa G Force
2nd -Walkon Surely Not Of Sarsbrook
3rd - Brubor Mr Moonlight
Res - Norwtch Sunhawk Magic Spel At Beeann
VHC - Ruption Brain Blender

Limit Bitch

1st - Jimbren Top Shelf
2nd - Maranseen Rave Review
3rd - Walkon You Only Live Twice For Galicar
Res - Ruption Brandy Smash Of Myntie
VHC - Ch Shiloh Danish Pastry


Open Dog

1st - Ch Winuwuk Lust At First Sight
2nd - Ch Walkon Made 'N' Issue
3rd - Ch Susancar Hugh Bett
Res - Ch Berwynfa Game Boy
VHC - Ch Verileas Dancing Deano At Jimbren


Open Bitch

1st - Carmondene Voila At Abythorn
2nd - Roamaro First Issue By Walkon
3rd - Xandene Midnight Oasis

Res - Ch Diamond Lottery At Glenauld
VHC - Ch Berwynfa Doll Daga Buzz Buzz



Dog CC & Best in Show - Ch Winuwuk Lust At First Sight
Res. Dog CC - Ch Walkon Made 'N' Issue
Bitch CC - Berwynfa Bom Chickah Wah Wah For Boxyjen
Res. Bitch CC -
Carmondene Voila At Abythorn
Best Puppy In Show - Stanryk Day Dreamer At Surfstone









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