South Western Boxer Club
Championship Show – 14th November 2009
Dog Judge:Mr Philip Greenway (Rayfos)
Bitch Judge:Mrs Anne Manduel-Carkeek (South Africa)
Veteran Dog

1st - Sulez Cyclone At Tomblina
2nd - Brook's Handina Jameson Of Jinnybrux imp
3rd - Heath's Hocombewood Sea Emperor Of Seefeld

Veteran Bitch

1st -
Robinsteck Pretty Woman
2nd - Jobaran Almost Amber
3rd - Maranseen Dream Dust

Minor Puppy Dog

1st -
Burnden Secret Millionaire
2nd - Son Of A Gun At Berwynfa
3rd - The Yes Man With Diceulon
Res - Boxyjen Mathking Premier
Vhc - Beeann Ride On A Star

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st -
Foolproof At Berwynfa
2nd - Twice Spice Daisy With Ruption
3rd - Boxania Saucy Spice
Res - Willrait Entrechat
Vhc - Willrait Early Bird For Sandcliffe


Puppy Dog

1st - Susancar Woody Wynne
2nd - Wyndel Fully Charged
3rd - Harmaur Jo Bloggs Trade
Res - Sueolly Lap Of Honour Round Winuwuk
Vhc - Jimbren Deano's Beano

Puppy Bitch

1st - Walkon Pin Up Girl
2nd - Walkon Gossip Girl At Bonobo
3rd - Star Chime Via Norwilbeck
Res - Standon Opals & Diamonds
Vhc - Harmaur Trade Issue


Junior Dog

1st - Macarmadale Justin Time
2nd - Manic Gok Wan
3rd - Walkon Mickey Blue Eyes
Res - Chelhome Bugalug At Jimbren
Vhc - Jarrahbeau Wild Card At Horringer

Junior Bitch

1st - Xandene Tristar
2nd - Wyndel Kisses Of Fire
3rd - Kaotik Fingers Crossed
Res - Walkon Atomic Rooster
Vhc - Sandwash Tommi Gun


Yearling Dog

1st - Ch Norwatch Sunhawk Main Issue
2nd - Xandene Midnight Runner
3rd - Stanryk Day Dreamer At Surfstone
Res - Merjeric Designer Touch For Boxyjen

Yearling Bitch

1st - Berwynfa Dolly Rocker
2nd - Mystique At Mylicam
3rd - Berwynfa Bang Tidy
Res - Jimbren Romance In The Dark At Gailcar
Vhc - Sunhawk Norwatch Ah Tishoo


Novice Dog

1st - Vasmascall's Deer Leap
2nd - Winuwuk The Maverick
3rd - Sugarwood Flame On
Res - Faerdorn Faegan At Sunvalley
Vhc - Susancar Willabee Famous

Novice Bitch

1st - Walkon Ain't No Stripes
2nd - Myntie Melody Maker
3rd - Galicar Intoxicate At Skirlaw
Res - Sugarwood Love To Love
Vhc - Bartlans Bridled Passion For Kezialeigh


Debutant Dog

1st - Laurmatt Diamond Geezer
2nd - Kathphiler Fire Cracker
3rd - Sandexe Maybe Mayhem
Res - Manic Jacobs At Sulez
Vhc - Casemates Bett U Can

Debutant Bitch

1st - Ruption Pickers Peach
2nd - Sandwash Stigmata
3rd - Really Delightful For Diceulon
Res - Sandcliffe Sunkissed Rose
Vhc - Robinsteck Miss Potter


Graduate Dog

1st - Roamaro Rum Punch
2nd - Bartlans Badger Wood
3rd - Sultash Double Cracker
Res - Very Attracted To Newlaithe
Vhc - Lymplesham Lord Of The Dance

Graduate Bitch

1st - Susancar Terresa Riot
2nd - Sebriville Ardbeg Angel
3rd - Sugarwood Mystik Flame


Post Graduate Dog

1st - Sandexe Boggle Oggle
2nd - Boese Pillow Talk
3rd - Burnden Opportunist
Res - Operastar Firedancer At Rustar
Vhc - Magical Trick From Newlaithe

Post Graduate Bitch

1st - Sandwash Ashes To Ashes
2nd - Craigdon Lady Casandra
3rd - Pure Illusion Over Newlaithe
Res - Jobaran Over The Moon
Vhc - Beeann Take That


Limit Dog

1st - More Mahem For Mylicam
2nd - Berwynfa G Force
3rd - Sulez Sirocco By Sonshoby
Res - Ruption Brain Blender
Vhc - Walkon Surely Not Of Sarsbrook

Limit Bitch

1st - Clarkenwell Vogue Trader
2nd - Shandoir Fallen Angel At Jimbren
3rd - Jimbren High Heels For Willrait
Res - Berwynfa Zig Zag Buzz Buzz
Vhc - Ruption Brandy Smash Of Myntie


Open Dog

1st - Ch Berwynfa Game Boy
2nd - Ch Winuwuk Lust At First Sight
3rd - Ch Walkon Made 'N' Issue
Res - Ch Verileas Dancing Deano At Jimbren
Vhc - Sonshoby Mr McEwan At Seacrest


Open Bitch

1st - Ch Galicar Designed For Looks By Newlaithe
2nd - Ch Roamaro First Issue By Walkon
3rd - Ch Berwynfa G Spot At Sandwash
Res - Ir Ch Jimbren Top Shelf
Vhc - Xandene Midnight Oasis



Dog CC & Best in Show - Roamaro Rum Punch
Res. Dog CC - Ch Berwynfa Game Boy
Bitch CC - Robinsteck Pretty Woman
Res. Bitch CC - Ch Galicar Designed For Looks By Newlaithe

Best Puppy In Show - Walkon Pin Up Girl

Best In Show
Best Puppy in Show


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