South Western Boxer Club
Championship Show – 13th November 2010
Dog Judge: Ms Jean Lanning
Bitch Judge: Mr Karl Eric Johansson
Veteran Dog

1st - Casemates American Jive
2nd - Ch Koppernox Mickey Finn

Veteran Bitch

1st -
Derun Like The Wind
2nd - Robinsteck Pretty Woman
3rd - Faerdorn Live The Dream For Tudora
Res -Ch Faerdorn Designed For Glenauld

Minor Puppy Dog

1st -
Maromad Kiss The Girls At Winuwuk
2nd - Norwatch Sunhawk Play Mate
3rd - Jebel Mist Over Boxadore
Res -Walkon Summertime Blues At Jeddhi
Vhc - Glenauld The Oracle

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st -
Norwatch Sunhawk Play Mate
2nd - Glenauld Tamarin
3rd - Viva La Diva At Seacrest
Res - Sulez Sierra
Vhc -Glenauld Star Gazer


Puppy Dog

1st - Testwood Catch The Wind BEST PUPPY DOG
2nd - Manolta Paper Gangsta At Norwilbeck
3rd - Topauly Wizard Apprentice
Res - Maranseen Rant 'N' Rave
Vhc - Bartlans Brer Rabbit Of Porth

Puppy Bitch

1st - Sunvalley Playing With Fire At Koppernox BEST PUPPY BITCH + BEST PUPPY IN SHOW
2nd - Kevanor Anastasia
3rd - Sunvalley Slightest Touch
Res - So Special For Bellchime
Vhc - Berwynfa Seks Bomb


Junior Dog

1st - Lava Flow With Astralune
2nd - Maromad Read All About It With Kiztok
3rd -Vandenrob Striking 'N' Funky
Res - Carmond Gerry Weber At Glenauld
Vhc - Twrcymru A Knockin Bett

Junior Bitch

1st - Walkon Maid With Style For Uftonponds
2nd - Sugarwood Wow Factor
3rd - Sultash Sea The Stars
Res - Twrcymru Lady Lili Bett
Vhc - Jobaran Shady Lady


Yearling Dog

1st - Son Of A Gun At Berwynfa
2nd - Burnden Secret Millionaire
3rd - Susancar Woody Wynne
Res - Vandenrob Designare At Glenauld
Vhc - McWatt The Red Rebel

Yearling Bitch

1st - Walkon Pin Up Girl
2nd - Clarkenwells Trade Secret For Uftonponds
3rd - Walkon Gossip Girl At Bonobo
Res - Burnden Bespoke
Vhc - Boxania Saucy Spice


Novice Dog

1st - Burnett's Sushe Rambling Rector
2nd - Redmol Money For Nothing
3rd - Walkon Tartan Issue
Res - Plymbox Zippadeedoodar
Vhc - McWatt The Red Rebel

Novice Bitch

1st - Kezialeigh Prime Meridian
2nd - Winuwuk Dressed To Thrill
3rd - Faerdorn Stolen Melody By Newlaithe
Res - Kathphiler Look Me Over
Vhc - Gemelia Amelie


Debutant Dog

1st - Thomson's Latchkey Celebrity Icon
2nd - Caljan Crash Bang Wallop
3rd - Redmol Don't Stop Me Now
Res - Casemates Pragmatist
Vhc - The Yes Man With Diceulon

Debutant Bitch

1st - Nyefields Trendy Miss With Diceulon
2nd - Boxadore Miley Cyrus
3rd - Latchkey Celebrity Rumour
Res - Walkon Babycham Of Rusmattic
Vhc - Willrait Entrechat


Graduate Dog

1st - Lymplesham Lord Of The Dance
2nd - Jimbren Strides Ahead At Skelder
3rd - Boxania Spice Of Life
Res - Jarrahbeau Wild Card For Horringer
Vhc - Nickerbox Black Russian

Graduate Bitch

1st - Winuwuk Rock Chick At Sulez
2nd - Myntie Melody Maker
3rd - Walkon Dazzling Issue
Res - Stanryk River Of Dreams
Vhc - Bartlans Bridled Passion For Kezialeigh


Post Graduate Dog

1st - Sandexe Boggle Oggle
2nd - Magical Trick From Newlaithe
3rd - Beautiful Day At Daervlish
Res - Gemelia Something About You At Murrantye
Vhc - Cobb's Topauly Red Wizard

Post Graduate Bitch

1st - Winuwuk All About Eve
2nd - Ruption Brandy Smash Of Myntie
3rd - Susancar Edna Clouds
Res - Sandwash Tommy Girl At Berwynfa
Vhc - Sandcliffe Sunkissed Rose


Limit Dog

1st - Newlaithe On Target
2nd - Norwilbeck Designed In Time
3rd - Berwynfa G Force
Res - Emjaycee Country Yokel At Kiztok
Vhc - Bartlans Badger Wood

Limit Bitch

1st - Dynevor My Fair Lady At Tomblina
2nd - Berwynfa Bang Tidy
3rd - Boxania Stormy Spice At Surfstone
Res - Panabolo Special Effect For Norwilbeck
Vhc - Berwynfa Bump 'N' Grind Avec Nickerbox


Open Dog

1st - Ch Berwynfa Bulletproof
2nd - Ch/Ir Ch Winuwuk Lust At First Sight
3rd - Ch Walkon Made 'N' Issue
Res - Ch Abythorn All Wrapped Up For Carmondene
Vhc - Sulez Sirocco By Sonshoby


Open Bitch

1st - Casemates Witch Trick
2nd - Ch Glenauld Tommy Girl
3rd - Berwynfa Za Za Zoom
Res - Baibea Stare If Ya One 'T' At Surfstone
Vhc - Ch Roamaro First Issue By Walkon



Dog CC & Best in Show - Newlaithe On Target
Res. Dog CC - Ch Berwynfa Bulletproof
Bitch CC - Walkon Pin Up Girl
Res. Bitch CC - Casemates Witch Trick

Best Puppy In Show - Sunvalley Playing With Fire At Koppernox


Dog CC & Best in Show
- Newlaithe On Target

Bitch CCBitch CC - Walkon Pin Up Girl

RCC BitchRes. Bitch CC - Casemates Witch Trick

Best Puppy
Best Puppy In Show - Sunvalley Playing With Fire At Koppernox

Best Veteran

Best Veteran - Derun Like The Wind


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