South Western Boxer Club
Championship Show – 12th November 2011
Dog Judge: Mrs Christina Chapman
Bitch Judge: Mrs Linda Spencer
Dog CC - Ch Newlaithe On Target
Res CC - Walkon Okay Dokay With Lanfrese
Bitch CC - Casemates Witch Trick
Res CC - Norwilbeck Smart Move
BPIS - Glenauld Naughty Alice
Veteran Dog

Veteran Dog - 2 entries both Absent

Veteran Bitch
1st -
Ch Newlaithe Just Stunning
2nd - Robinsteck Pretty Woman
3rd - Knightcott Cream Soda
Res - Dynevor My Fair Lady At Tomblina

Minor Puppy Dog
1st - Wyndel Whats It All About
2nd - Huttonvale Ace High
3rd - Xandene Black Oasis
Res - Porth Pacino
Vhc - Testwood Second Wind

Minor Puppy Dog

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st -
2nd -
Xandene Oasis Dawn
3rd - Walkon Back Issue
Res - Leigharac Lust On The River
Vhc - Taranut Typecast



Puppy Dog
1st -
Winuwuk Il Messaggero BEST PUPPY DOG
2nd -
Susancar Cesar Chance
3rd - We've Got It On
Res - Lorrosa Box Of Tricks
Vhc - Lorrosa Chunky Juke Box
Puppy Dog

Puppy Bitch
1st -
Top Tickle For Norwilbeck Bellchime
2nd - Manic Real Thing
3rd - Manic Show Off
Res - Jobaran New Moon For Robinsteck
Vhc - Verdendo Yule Be Lucky



Junior Dog
1st -
Walkon Okay Dokay With Lanfrese RESERVE CC WINNER
2nd -
Xandene Black Jack
3rd - Rosanyos Rumbler For Stormefex
Junior Dog

Junior Bitch
1st -
Stellvana Crazy Diamond For Redmol
2nd - Winuwuk Maid Marion
3rd - Norwilbeck Out Of The Blue
Res - Xandene Baccarat
Vhc - Walkon Rhapsody In Blue For Sandcliffe



Yearling Dog
1st -
Glenauld The Oracle
2nd - Baboushka Dot To Dot At Kaotik
3rd - Newlaithe Fast'N Furious

Res - Tonantron Haward
Vhc - Maromad Kiss the Girls at Winuwuk
Yearling Dog

Yearling Bitch
1st -
Vasmascall Agusta
2nd - Lymplesham Memphis Belle
3rd - Sunvalley Playing With Fire At Koppernox
Res - Jimbren Pollyanna At Pinedown
Vhc - Sarsbrook Fashionista



Novice Dog
1st -
Plymbox Zippadeedoodar
Novice Dog

Novice Bitch
1st -
Walkon Coniglietta
2nd - Ruption Liquid Lust Over Knightcott
3rd - Kathphiler Look Me Over
Res - Starliks Oceana Of Porth
Vhc - Sugarwood Rose Bud



Debutant Dog
1st -
Casemates Pragmatist
2nd - Plymbox Zippadeedoodar
3rd - Berwynfa Easy Come Easy Go
Res - Ruption Love Monkey
Vhc - Astralune Moon Walk To Kitwe
Debutante Dog

Debutant Bitch
1st -
Tartarian Kicks Up A Dust
2nd - Willrait Entrechat
3rd - Berwynfa Eye Candy
Res - Boxyjen Tenex Ultimate
Vhc - Nyefields Trendy Miss With Diceulon



Graduate Dog
1st -
Lava Flow With Astralune
2nd - Jarrahbeau Wild Card For Horringer
3rd - Carmondene Eureka At Glenauld
Res - Twrcymru A Knockin Bett
Vhc - Roxiga Valentino Rossi
Graduate Dog

Graduate Bitch
1st -
Casemates Dramatist
2nd - Latchkey Celebrity Rumour
3rd - Boxadore Miley Cyrus
Res - Sugarwood Wow Factor
Vhc - Kezialeigh Prime Meridian



Post Graduate Dog
1st -
Casemates Calling Card
2nd - Vandenrob Sriking 'N' Funky
3rd - Winuwuk Enzo Ferrari
Res - Sulez Soul Mate At Stangard
Vhc - Laurmatt Diamond Geezer
Post Graduate Dog

Post Graduate Bitch
1st -
Sultash Dish Dasha
2nd - Foolproof At Berwynfa
3rd - Glenauld Tamarin
Res - Susancar Terresa Riot
Vhc - Bartlans Bridled Passion For Kezaleigh


Limit Dog
1st -
Carmond Gerry Weber At Glenauld
2nd - Walkon Mickey Blue Eyes
3rd - Xandene Midnight Runner
Res - Tudora Glad All Over
Vhc - Bartlans Badger Wood
Limit Dog

Limit Bitch
1st -
Norwilbeck Smart Move
2nd - Magic Wand Over Newlaithe
3rd - Jobaran Over the Moon
Res - Walkon Maid With Style For Uftonponds
Vhc - Berwynfa Zig Zag a Buzz Buzz


Open Dog
1st - Ch Newlaithe On Target CC WINNER + BEST IN SHOW
2nd - Ch Struck On You For Bellchime
3rd - Ch Star Attraction At Glenauld
Res - Ch Lichdel Uncle Silas To Winuwuk
Vhc - Jimbren Strides Ahead To Skelder

Open Dog

Open Bitch
1st -
2nd -
Ch Faerdorn Dusted Over Tartarian
3rd - Ch Rebkai Tale Of Love For Winuwuk
Res - Walkon Pin Up Girl
Vhc - Ch Glenauld Tommy Girl







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