South Western Boxer Club
Championship Show – 10th November 2012
Dog Judge: Mr Hans Lehtinin
Bitch Judge: Mr Keith Jump
Dog CC - Very Attractive To Newlaithe
Res CC - Walkon Mickey Blue Eyes
Bitch CC - Ch Glenauld Tommy Girl
Res CC - Taranut Typecast
BPIS - Winuwuk Take Me Out
best in show
Dog CC & Best in Show - Very Attractive To Newlaithe and Bitch CC - Ch Glenauld Tommy Girl

Best Puppy in Show
Best Puppy in Show - Winuwuk Take Me Out & Best Puppy Dog - Jeddhi Roman Heart
Veteran Dog
1st - Shobeck Back To The Future At Hollyn
2nd - Gemelia The Great Gatsby At Murrantye
Veteran Dog

Veteran Bitch
1st -
Dynevor My Fair Lady At Tomblina
2nd - Maranseen Rave Review
3rd - Ch Berwynfa Doll Daga Buzz Buzz
Res - Knightcott Cream Soda
Veteran Bitch

Minor Puppy Dog
1st - Ewynbox The Cornish Issue
2nd - Walkon The Illusionist
3rd - Scooby V Heidezoom Vom Berwynfa
Res - Casemates Casanova
Vhc - Andsum Racing Pink


Minor Puppy Bitch
1st -
Winuwuk Take Me Out
2nd - Sleipnir Maggi Fairhair
3rd - Norwilbeck Bellchime Special Issue
Res - Manic State Of Affairs At Lanfrese
Vhc - Izzamoor Trick Of Light At Wivendene
Minor Puppy Bitch

Puppy Dog
1ST -
Jeddhi Roman Heart
2nd - Diceulon New Kid On The Block
3rd - Astralune Volcanic Rock
Puppy Dog

Puppy Bitch
1st -
Sulez Seksy Chick At Winuwuk
2nd - Walkon First Issue
3rd - Sulez Chiquita
Res - Sandcliffe Firebird
Puppy Bitch

Junior Dog
1st -
Ruption Jolly Roger With Boxadore
2nd - Ch Jimbren Star Addition
3rd - Vandenrob Striking N Sparky
Res - Sleipnir Erik Weatherhat
Vhc - Daervlish All Because Of You
Junior Dog

Junior Bitch
1st -
Lanfrese Kepi D'Elle
2nd - Sleipnir Viking Goddess
3rd - Daervlish Miss Sarajevo
Res - Glenauld Evissa
Vhc - Secret Fortune At Burnden
Junior Bitch

Yearling Dog
1st -
Winuwuk The Outlaw
2nd - Xandene Black Oasis
3rd - Newlaithe Trojan
Res - Iandian Certain Kinda Charm By Boxyjen
Vhc - McWatt We've Got It On With Seefeld
Yearling Dog

Yearling Bitch
1ST -
Taranut Typecast
2nd - Xandene Oasis Dawn
3rd - Iandian Simply Sensational By Boxyjen
Res - Rosanyos Pocket Rocket
Vhc - Verdendo Party Punch
Yearling Bitch

Novice Dog
1st -
Boxsta Fifty Cal
2nd - Burnden Favourite Asset At Rocvilla
3rd - Sultash Frankel
Res - Maranseen Reason To Review
Vhc - Astralune Core Magna With Sandexe
Novice Dog

Novice Bitch
1st -
Moydrum Head Of The Class
2nd - Sugarwood Mystical Love At Misstricks
3rd - Burnden Limitless
Res - Myntie Super Stition
Vhc - Rosanyos Pop Girl At Stormefex
Novice Bitch

Debutant Dog
1st -
Lorrosa Chunky Juke Box
2nd - Roamaro Choccywoccydoodah For Kiztok
3rd - Diceulon Quickstepper
Res - Verdendo Pulling No Punches
Debutante Dog

Debutant Bitch
1st -
Myntie Super Snoop At Ruption
2nd - Stellvana Enchanted At Bricliff
3rd - Harmaur Trade Blueprint With Sheiken
Res - Rusmatric Maid By Tough
Vhc - Sushe Too Posh To Push
Debutante Bitch

Graduate Dog
1st -
Manic Countdown At Ludic
2nd - Lorrosa Box Of Tricks
3rd - Drallim Lethal Weapon
Res - Vandenrob Designare At Glenauld
Vhc - Leigharac Lust On The Island
Graduate Dog

Graduate Bitch
1st -
Stellvana Crazy Diamond For Redmol
2nd - Manic Real Thing
3rd - Top Tickle For Norwilbeck Bellchime
Res - Berwynfa Eye Candy
Vhc - Leigharac Lust On The River
Graduate Bitch

Post Graduate Dog
1st -
Maromad Love At First Sight
2nd - Maranseen Rant'N Rave
3rd - Twrcymru A Knockin Bett
Res - Carmondene Eureka At Glenauld
Vhc - Jarrahbeau Wild Card For Horringer
Postgraduate Dog

Post Graduate Bitch
1st -
Glenauld Tamarin
2nd - Sezflo Pure Faith By Newlaithe
3rd - Winuwuk Maid Marion
Res - Norwilbeck Out Of The Blue
Vhc - Clarkenwell Trade Secret For Uftonponds
Postgraduate Bitch

Limit Dog
1st -
Very Attracted To Newlaithe
2nd - More Mahem For Mylicam
3rd - Winuwuk Enzo Ferrari
Res - Tudora Glad All Over
Vhc - Jinnybrux Josh By Gosh
Limit Dog

Limit Bitch
1st -
Winuwuk Rumour Has It
2nd - Harmaur Trade Issue
3rd - Magic Wand Over Newlaithe
Res - Berwynfa Bang Tidy
Vhc - Walkon Maid With Style For Uftonponds
Limit Bitch

Open Dog
1st - Walkon Mickey Blue Eyes
2nd - Ch Walkon Okay Dokay With Lanfrese
3rd - Ch Struck On You For Bellchime
Res - Son Of A Gun At Berwynfa
Vhc - Xandene Midnight Runner

Open Dog

Open Bitch
1st -
Glenauld Tommy Girl
2nd - Ch Manic Show Off
3rd - Ch Sandwash Tommi Gun At Berwynfa
Res - Norwilbeck Smart Move
Vhc - Sunvalley Playing With Fire At Koppernox
Open Bitch






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