South Western Boxer Club
Championship Show – Saturday 9th November 2013
Dog Judge: Mrs Lynette Davey (Kitwe)
Bitch Judge:Mrs Barbara Murray (Operstar)
Dog CC - Xandene Midnight Runner
Res CC - Ch Burnden Opportunist
Bitch CC - Ch Manic Show Off
Res CC & BPIS - Walkon Itzy Bitzy

Veteran Dog
1ST - Smith's Mowgli Maduro ShCM dob 06/05/06 sire Ch/Ir Ch Belvern Premenition dam Mowgli Mora BEST VETERAN IN SHOW
2nd - Robinson's Jimbren Strides Ahead To Skelder
3rd - Ayle's Gemelia The Great Gatsby At Murrantye

Veteran Bitch
1ST - Beardsell & Van Beck's Ch Galicar Designed For Looks By Newlaithe dob 13/06/04 sire Ch Designer Game At Glenauld dam Newlaithe Look This Way At Galicar
2nd - Burnett's Sushe Rosy Cushion
3rd - Pynegar & Murray's Ch Berwynfa Doll Daga Buzz Buzz
Res - Isaac's Axeford Claret At Lymplesham

Minor Puppy Dog
1ST - Earl's Knightcott Easter Parade At Ruption dob 31/03/13 sire Ruption Brain Blender dam Ruption Lazy Lover At Knightcott
2nd - Pynegar's Berwynfa Veni Vidi Vici
3rd - Huckerby & Dowell's Norwilbeck Bellchime Reiss
Res - Revill's Verdendo Country N Western
Vhc - Jones & Charles's Outta Sight At Charlons


Minor Puppy Bitch
1ST - Miller's Walkon Itzy Bitzy dob 21/04/13 sire Ch Walkon Okay Dokay With Lanfrese dam Walkon Atomic Rooster RESERVE CC WINNER + RESERVE BEST IN SHOW + BEST PUPPY BITCH + BEST PUPPY IN SHOW
2nd - Griffith's Maybe At Lanfrese
3rd - Harvey's Harvlin Hurakan Bliss
Res - Feilder's Ewynbox Major Issue
Vhc - Dobson, Hale & Vearncombe's Knightcott Easter Bonnet With Ruption


Puppy Dog
1ST - Pynegar's Berwynfa Fully Loaded dob 07/03/13 sire Ch Maromad Kiss Ther Girls At Winuwuk dam Berwynfa Bibity Bobity Boo BEST PUPPY DOG
2nd - Clarke's Miofrey Top Tip At Clarkenwells
3rd - Woolliss's Ramaleon Play Away
Res - Revill's Verdendoi Country N Western
Vhc - Fitzgerald's Winuwuk Love Not Lust At Mydaz


Puppy Bitch
1ST - Chippendale's Mylicam Waltzing Matilda dob 21/12/12 sire Ch Verileas Dancing Deano At Jimbren dam Daltamie Miss Conduct At Mylicam
2nd - Woolliss's Ramaleon Re Play
3rd - Cant's Mananin Scrutinise
Res - Myle's Boxadore Hoedown Throwdown
Vhc - Feaver & Cormack's Sugarwood Gurt Lush


Junior Dog
1ST - Kay's Seacrest Deacon Brodie dob 21/07/12 sire Wld&Int Ch Twinkle Star von Eurozone dam Gucci Envy At Seacrest
2nd - Huckerby & Dowell's Striking Out For Norwilbeck Bellchime
3rd - Baily's Highbend Red Alert
Res - Morison's Xandene It's In The Bag
Vhc - Brown & Hutching's Winuwuk Mario Balotelli


Junior Bitch
1ST - Huckerby & Dowell's Panabolo Specially For Norwilbeck Bellchime dob 30/07/12 sire Ch Norwilbeck Special Blend dam Panabolo Classic Design
2nd - Carter's Susancar Honor Wynna
3rd - Morison's Xandene Handbags At Dawn
Res - Beardsell & Van Beck's Newlaithe Million Dreams
Vhc - Cairn's Galicar Insolence


Yearling Dog
1ST - Pynegar's Berwynfa Bombprof dob 18/05/12 sire Berwynfa Buble dam Ch Berwynfa Bom Chicka Wah Wah For Boxyjen
2nd - McCarthy & Gething's Ch Jeddhi Roman Heart


Yearling Bitch
1ST - Slattery's Sleipnir Maggie Fairhair dob 26/04/12 sire Ch Sleipnir Olaf The Stout dam Sleipnir Red Thorlot
2nd - Taylor's Pur Target With Newlaithe
3rd - Miller's Walkon First Lady
Res - Cant's Mananin Double Entrand
Vhc - Drinkwater's Sulez Chiquita


Novice Dog
1ST - Palmer's Olleyville Billy Buck Blue Via Palerty dob 11/03/12 sire Ch Walkon Mickey Blue Eyes dam Ch Olleyville Rosina Brown
2nd - Carter's Susancar Ray Zarbett
3rd - Tonkin & Pellow's Rosanyos San Mateo
Res - Hepworth's Kaotik Fearless Felix
Vhc - Bibb's Theoben Black Beauty


Novice Bitch
1ST - Griffith's Lanfrese Calrina dob 01/06/12 sire Ch Walkon Okay Dokay With Lanfrese dam Lanfrese Plaything
2nd - James's Maromad Time Will Tell
3rd - Lay & Taylor's Izzamoor Trick Of The Light Wivendene


Debutant Dog
1ST - Bryan's Kenbru Star Turn To Locko dob 25/05/12 sire Wld& Int Ch Twinkle Star von Eurozone dam Kenbru Star Gazer
2nd - Kelly's Casemates The Wizard
3rd - Whitfield's Panabolo Strike A Deal With Farfield
Res - Tonkin & Pellow's Rosanyos San Mateo
Vhc - Godwin's Sultash Morpheus


Debutant Bitch
1ST - Drinkwater's Sulez Luvlijubbly dob 30/08/12 sire Ch Walkon Okay Dokay With Lanfrese dam Sulez Blacksilk For Britroys
2nd - Kay's Seacrest Gilt Edged
3rd - Tonkin & Pellow's Rosanyos Madre Mia
Res - Isaac's Disaroono Darkness At Ruption


Graduate Dog
1ST - Dawe & Bond's Ewynbox The Cornish Issue dob 09/04/12 sire Boxken No Issue For Ewynbox dam Wyndell Classy Cassie For Ewynbox
2nd - Andrew's Boxsta Fifty Cal
3rd - Myle's Ruption Jolly Roger With Boxadore
Res - Kelly's Casemates Casanova
Vhc - Gibson's Drallim Lethal Weapon


Graduate Bitch
1ST - Slattery's Sleipnir Viking Temptress dob 11/06/11 sire Ch Sleipnir Olaf The Stout dam Sleipnir Red Thorlot
2nd - Russell's Vasmacall Strretwise At Rustar
3rd - Robinson's Jobaran New Moon For Robinsteck
Res - Davies's Stellvana Enchanted At Bricliff
Vhc - Vearncombe's Myntie Super Snoop At Ruption


Post Graduate Dog
1ST - Hepworth's Baboushka Dot To Dot At Kaotik dob 23/02/10 siure Jumbren Strides Ahead At Skelder dam Amazing Grace At Burleigh
2nd - Godwin's Sultash Frankel
3rd - Jones's Kevanor Federer
Res - Brook's Jinnybrux Josh By Gosh
Vhc - Rashleigh & Richard's Rosanyos Rumbler For Stormefex


Post Graduate Bitch
1ST - Myles's Boxadore Miley Cyrus dob 31/12/08 sire Ruption Brain Blender dam Petes Princess At Boxadore
2nd - Tonkin & Pellow's Rosanyos Pocket Rocket
3rd - Murfin's Farvalley Sirocco's Gift
Res - Pye's Rebkai Secret Fortune At Burnden
Vhc - Beardsell & Van Beck's Newlaithe On Design


Limit Dog
1ST - Chell & Cook's Manic Countdown At Ludic dob 26/11/10 sire Ch Lanfrese Surething At Manic dam Manic Gameshow
2nd - Evan's Burnden Favourite Asset At Rocvilla
3rd - Baily's Highbend Mr Weasley
Res - Pynegar's Scooby V.D. Heidezoom Vom Berwynfa
Vhc - Vearncombe & Hale's Mcwatt We've Go It On


Limit Bitch
1ST - Pynegar & Murray's Berwynfa Eye Candy dob 29/10/10 sire Ch Berwynfa Game Boy dam Ch Berwynfa Sugarbabe
2nd - Brown & Hutching's Winuwuk Maid Marion
3rd - Breakspear & Squire's Belire UK Call Me Madam
Res - Carter's Susancar Anna Compliss
Vhc - McCarthy & Gething's Under Cover At Walkon


Open Dog
1ST - Morison's Xandene Midnight Runner dob 15/10/08 sire Xandene Midnight Express dam Xandene Joanna Bett CC WINNER & BEST OPPOSITE SEX
2ND - Pye's Ch Burnden Opportunist dob 29/01/08 sire Ch/Ir Ch Sandcliffe Snog In The Fog At Jimbren dam Burnden Playing The Game RESERVE CC WINNER
3rd - Carter's Ch Susancar Cesar Chance
Res - Brown & Hutching's Winuwuk The Outlaw
Vhc - Miller's Ch Walkon Mickey Blue Eyes


Open Bitch
1ST - Cook & Postance's Ch Manic Show Off dob 26/11/10 sire Ch Lanfrese Surething At Manic dam Manic Game Show CC WINNER & BEST IN SHOW
2nd - Hyde's Ch Sezflo Pure Faith By Newlaithe
3rd - Miller's Ch Walkon Pin Up Girl
Res - Pynegar's Ch Sandwash Tommi Gun At Berwynfa
Vhc - Brown & Hutching's Winuwuk Rumour Has It







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