South Western Boxer Club
Championship Show – Saturday 15th November 2014
Dog Judge: Mrs Arthur Butters (Mindenwood)
Bitch Judge:Mrs Carol Green (Grandways)
Dog CC - Berwynfa Veni Vidi Vici
Res CC - Let Me Go To Manic
Bitch CC - Galicar Insolence
Res CC - Surfstone Boogie ‘T’ Nite With Longsdale
BPIS- Let Me Go To Manic

Champ 14

Veteran Dog
1st – Tonkin & Pellow’s Rosanyos Take That
2nd – Feaver & Cormack’s Very Attracted To Newlaithe
3rd – Hale & Vearncombe’s Ruption Rebel Raider Of Knightcott
Res – Ayle’s Gemelia The Great Gatsby At Murrantye
Vhc – Robinson’s Jimbren Strides Ahead To Skelder

Veteran Bitch
1ST – Miller’s Ch Roamaro First Issue By Walkon BEST VETERAN IN SHOW
2nd – Stewart’s Ch Berwynfa Bom Chicka Wah Wah For Boxyjen
3rd – Lott’s So Attractive By Newlaithe
Res – Powell’s Jobaran Over The Moon
Vhc – Feaver & Cormack’s Sugarwood Mystik Flame

Minor Puppy Dog
1ST – Pearce & Francis’s Berwynfa Blurred Lines With Longsdale
2nd – Drinkwater’s Winuwuk Kiss Tag With Sulez
3rd – Watson & Crook’s Roylark Commander In Chief
Res – Walker’s Rusmatric So Dear To My Heart
Vhc - Kelly’s Casemates Dumbledore


Minor Puppy Bitch
1ST – Chippendale’s Mylicam Moon Maiden
2nd – Lott’s Britespark Luna Moonbug
3rd – Carter’s Lullmire Wanda Ring To Susancar
Res – Spencer’s Ashronsha Dream Maker
Vhc – Fielder’s Ewnybox En Dora


Puppy Dog
2nd – Pynegar & Murray’s Berwynfa Bandit
3rd – Stewart’s Boxyjen Syngg Och Rod
Res – Huckerby & Dowell’s Struck Via Norwilbeck Bellchime
Vhc – Godwin’s Sultash Monbeg Dude


Puppy Bitch
1ST – Powell’s Jobaran Home Run BEST PUPPY BITCH
2nd – Cobb’s Topauly Wizards Misstress
3rd – Jones’s Kevanor Dancing Diva
Res – Hepworth’s Kaotik Ariadne
Vhc – Utting’s Ashronsha Wish Upon A Star At Rebox


Junior Dog
1ST – Mitchell’s Diceulon The Desperado With Winuwuk
2nd – Crook’s Maranseen Rave N’Respect For Uftonponds
3rd – Taylor’s Newlaithe Leonardo
Res – Whitfield’s Farfield Strike A Chord
Vhc – Seeney’s Maranseen Equinox


Junior Bitch
1ST – Seeney’s Ch Maranseen Lustre
2nd – Lott’s Britesparke Pretty Mona Mai
3rd – Athersuch’s Chalards Miss Mary Poppins


Yearling Dog
1ST – Pynegar & Murray’s Berwynfa Fully Loaded
2nd – Fitzgerald’s Winuwuk Love Not Lust At Mydaz
3rd – Clarke & Wearing’s Miofrey Top Tip At Clarkenwells
Res – Earl’s Knightcott Easter Parade With Ruption
Vhc – Wynne – Eyton’s Twrcymru Puttin On The Style


Yearling Bitch
1ST – Griffith’s Maybe At Lanfrese
2nd – Spencer’s Ashronsha Lil Lady
3rd – Chippendale’s Mylicam Waltzing Matilda
Res – Myle’s Boxadore Hoedown Throwdown
Vhc – Wolliss’s Rameleon Re Play


Novice Dog
1ST – Morison’s Jobaran Marathon Man To Xandene


Novice Bitch
1ST – Cook & Postance’s Manic Faking It
2nd – Miller’s Walkon First Class
3rd – Mitchell’s Diceulon Pina Colada
Res – Flintoft’s Boxania Spice Inspiration
Vhc – Cherry’s Cherryforge Primadonna


Debutant Dog
1ST – Lovell & Beaumont’s Winuwuk Thrilling Time For Pinedown
2nd – Jones & Charles’s Outta Sight At Charlons
3rd – Grant’s Diceulon Black Sabbath


Debutant Bitch
1ST – Wheeler’s Clarricks Bailey Ray At Hipkins
2nd – James’s Maromad Time Will Tell
3rd – Robinson’s Chalards Ring Of Roses At Robinsteck
Res – Mitchell’s Diceulon Louisana


Graduate Dog
1ST- Whitfield’a Panabolo Strike A Deal With Farfield
2nd – Tonkin & Pellow’s Rosanyos San Mateo
3rd – Merritt’s Diceulon New Kid On The Block
Res – Morison’s Xandene It’s In The Bag
Vhc – Davies’s Elenbar Evermore


Graduate Bitch
1ST – Brook’s Jinnybrux Jaffa Cake
2nd – Taylor & Lay’s Izzamoor Trick Of The Light At Wivendene
3rd – Brown & Hutching’s Diceulon Ginn Fizz At Winuwuk
Res – Miller’s Walkon Itzy Bitzy
Vhc – Jones & Charles’s First Star At Charlons


Post Graduate Dog
1ST – Chell & Cook’s Manic Countdown To Ludic
2nd – Lowery’s Berwynfa Bombproof
3rd – Evan’s Burnden Favourite Asset At Rocvilla
Res – Kelly’s Casemates The Wizard
Vhc – Barry’s Lorrosa Chunky Juke Box


Post Graduate Bitch
1ST – Robinson’s Jobaran New Moon For Robinsteck
2nd – Elsworth’s Sugarwood Mystikal Love At Misstricks
3rd – Tonkin & Pellow’a Rosanyos Madre Mia
Res – Carter’s Susancar Honor Wynna
Vhc – Pynegar & Murray’s Foolproof At Berwynfa


Limit Dog
1ST – Pynegar & Murray’s Berwynfa Veni Vidi Vici CC WINNER + BEST IN SHOW
2nd – Brown & Hutching’s Winuwuk Mario Balotelli
3rd – Griffith’s Lanfrese Ocolardo
Res – Godwin’s Sultash Frankel
Vhc – Miller’s Walkon First Past The Post


Limit Bitch
1ST – Pearce,Francis & Bell’s Surfstone Boogie ‘T’ Nite With Longsdale RESERVE CC WINNER
2nd – Brown & Hutching’s Winuwuk Maid Marion
3rd – Huckerby & Dowell’s Ch Panabolo Specially For Norwilbeck Bellchime
Res – Tonkin & Pellow’s Rosanyos Pocket Rocket
Vhc – Miller’s Walkon First Lady


Open Dog
1ST – McCarthy & Gething’s Ch Jeddhi Roman Heart
2nd – Brown & Hutching’s Ch Winuwuk The Outlaw
3rd – Morison’s Ch Xandene Midnight Oasis
Res – Jones’s Ch Kevanor Federer
Vhc – Brown & Hutching’s Ch Maromad Kiss The Girls At Winuwuk


Open Bitch
1ST – Cairn’s Galicar Insolence dob 30/05/12 CC WINNER
2nd – Carter’s Ch Susancar Anna Compliss
3rd – Huckerby & Dowell’s Norwilbeck Smart Move
Res – Griffith’s Ch Lanfrese Kepi D’elle
Vhc – McCarthy & Gething’s Ch Under Cover At Walkon







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